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Marybeth Peters
Former United States Register of Copyrights
Neil Boorstyn's The Copyright Law Journal is exceptional. I have been an avid reader since its beginning in 1984. There are lots of publications on copyright law and practice. Daily and weekly I read other copyright articles which report the facts. The Copyright Law Journal provides so much more than this. Its focus is on important recent cases and developments; the articles are timely, extremely well written, provide critical analyses, invaluable insights and practice tips. That's why it's my favorite publication and why I highly recommend this extremely relevant and respected newsletter.”
William Patry
Senior Copyright Counsel, Google Inc.
The availability of Neil Boorstyn's The Copyright Law Journal online is most welcome. Now, we will be able to have quick access to his perceptive and persuasive insights into this increasingly important area of the law.”
Joseph M. Beck
Kilpatrick Stockton LLP
Neil Boorstyn's Copyright Law Journal is invaluable because it is unique: an up-to-date summary that includes context and in-depth analysis. I have relied on it for years.”
Louis P. Petrich
Leopold, Petrich & Smith
” I always look forward to the latest issue of The Copyright Law Journal because it is a unique combination of the analytical and the practical. Neil Boorstyn places recent decisions in context and offers helpful insights on how to apply the decision and related legal principles in daily practice.”
Ronald S. Laurie
Inflexion Point Strategy
” Neil Boorstyn's thoughtful and often provocative insights, analysis, and commentary have made The Copyright Law Journal a valuable resource for me for many years.”
Arthur J. Levine ” There had long been a need for an up-to-date newsletter on copyright and related matters. The bar is indeed fortunate that a copyright lawyer, author, and teacher as knowledgeable as Neil Boorstyn has chosen to fill that need by publishing The Copyright Law Journal.
Jon A. Baumgarten
Proskauer Rose Goetz & Mendelsohn;
Former General Counsel, U.S. Copyright Office

The Copyright Law Journal, exhibiting Neil Boorstyn's recognized perceptions and insights, is a welcome and needed addition to the literature in the field.”
Peter I. Ostroff
Sidley & Austin
The Copyright Law Journal is an absolute must for lawyers who need a clear understanding of the evolving copyright law. Neil Boorstyn possesses the rare ability to make complex copyright law, and related concepts clear and understandable.”
J. Thomas McCarthy Author of "Trademarks and Unfair Competition"
” Neil Boorstyn is the perfect person to author a newsletter that presents copyright developments in a practical, down-to-earth, and readable style.”
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